My name is Matt Crubel,  Husband and Father of two beautiful little girls Revae and Maevis. I love telling stories through video and that is why I got into wedding videography. My background is in Network TV but my passion is in Cinematography. We do not take it lightly that you would consider allowing us to capture one of the most special days of your life. We love our wedding families and hope that you will join us and allow us to spend your special day with you. Congratulations on your engagement and God Bless!

I am a determined videographer, and i strive to get different shots at each and every wedding, I am one of very few videographers that do whatever I can to stay as long as possible to get the shot that may change the video.  I enjoy filming weddings because it brings so much joy and satisfaction to you (Bride and Groom) and all your friends and families.  Photos are important but video will show you everything. 

I believe filming your special day is so important because photos capture the moment while video captures the whole event.  Why wonder what happened 15 seconds after the photo was taken knowing that what it was brought a smile to your face, and knowing that you can see that through film fills your heart.  Which is why my motto is "Cherish your memories through film" 


We are a proud partner of the amazon affiliate and associate program who will be posting links on our videos on youtube to help you out with gear and reviews.

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